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What can I say about Dr. Julia Chicken? Well, to put it bluntly, she knows everything. She can do everything. She is simply amazing.

Does she put on airs because she's a doctor? No. But she does seem to throw the fact that she's a chicken into conversations an awful lot. I'm not sure what that's all about.

I do the typing and the drawing, but rarely the talking. Together, Dr. Julia and I bring you probably the best advice in town... depending on the town.

Now that you're here, you might as well decide what to do next.

You can watch Dr. Julia in action in her:

  • Sunday Funnies
    A new funny every Sunday morning... or afternoon. Let's just say, sometime on Sunday.
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    It's not easy to catch Dr. J on camera, but when I do, I post it right away.
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    Here's where you look at a photo of Dr. J, study it for hours on end, and then come up with a caption. It's quite complicated.

You can get some funny advice for:

  • Parenting
    From cradle to college—let's talk!
  • Marriage
    The fact that Adam stayed with Eve after that whole “forbidden fruit” episode proves that divorce is avoidable.
  • Relationships
    If someone is driving you crazy, don’t go on any more rides with them!
  • Dating
    If it’s Saturday night, you should NOT be reading this!

You can ask Dr. Julia her opinion:

A Little About Dr. Julia Chicken

Dr. Julia Chicken,

a major contributor to the work that goes on around here, has years of experience as a counselor.

Her collaboration adds a different perspective and a second opinion – which should clear up any doubts as to whether I’m right or not.

Take some time to browse through segments of actual counseling sessions with Dr. Julia and her more prominent characters...err, patients.

Seeing Julia Chicken interact with her patients may very well be all the funny advice you need!

But... how would you like to know what goes on Behind The Scenes With Dr. Julia?

Simply fill in the box below to sign up - and keep your eyes open for the next issue of Behind The Scenes With Dr. Julia!

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