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Story Hour!
Children Stories With Dr. Julia

Kids love Julia Chicken and she loves them... sort of. But she does love telling children stories!

Here's a place where you and your child can enjoy a few short stories for children and some colorful illustrations - so that you can get back to reading the article you started, uninterrupted!

Of course, nothing beats cuddling up with a good, old fashioned book, (and I'm not big on children spending too much time in front of a computer) but a little online entertainment here and there can't hurt.

So... What are you going to find?

  • Original Short Children Stories
  • Original Artwork and Animations
  • Original Poems for Children
  • Reading To Children

    These short stories and poems can be read by the child alone, or to make it even more fun, by you to the child!

    Reading aloud to children has so many benefits! Need I list them? Okay, I will.

    • Educational
    • Increases vocabulary and Sentence Formation!

    • Increases Attention Span
    • Learning there's a time to sit still and focus!

    • Promotes Literacy
    • A child that has been read to is more apt to take up reading on their own!

    • Promotes A Desire To Learn
    • An increase in curiosity, asking questions, all while discovering the world around them!

    Of Course there's more, but we don't have all day here - do we? But I would have to say the number one reason for reading to children would be that it's just a great way to spend time together!

    So without further ado, (especially if you have a little person sitting on your lap right now) let the reading commence!

    There goes Dr. Julia to pick out a good story now...

    Stories And Poems For Children

    Funny Animal Stories for Kids
    Everything's Ducky! is an animal story for kids and grownups alike. It's the true story of Mr. Duck, filled with humor, sadness, and happy beginnings... because it hasn't "ended" yet!

    The Moon Is Cheese!
    At least, that's what a little mouse hopes.

    Something Fun To Do!

    Farnsworth Fox wrote to Dr. Julia in the Ask Dr. Julia section. His question was too silly for Dr. Julia, but she decided to allow his letter to be published under one circumstance... if you kids would answer him!

    Go to Farnsworth's Letter here and see if you can help this rather sly fox!

    Online Stories For Kids and Book Club!

    If you're looking for ongoing educational entertainment for children, see our Online Stories for Kids!

    An original story is told, chapter by chapter, until its conclusion. Filled with colorful illustrations, animation, traditional writing style, and even coloring pages, that make for family fun that you can feel good about!

    Along with your subscription, children (and you, the parent) get to participate in The Children's Book Club! Here you and the kids get to speculate, ask questions, show off your coloring pages, and interact with others who are reading the story too.

    Be sure to check out these two very special extended features of our Children Stories with Dr. Julia!

    Online Stories for Children with colorful illustrations of forest and farm animals

    See and Subscribe to Online Children's Stories here!

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