House Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

Dr. Julia says,
"Clean up your act and your house!"

If there's anyone that needs house cleaning tips it's busy moms!

Supposedly, there are 7 days in a week, but I've only been able to count 3 – Friday, Sunday, Monday.

With speed that rivals the Twilight Zone, they repeat themselves. Friday Sunday Monday, Friday Sunday Monday!

Actually, this can work out in your favor if you happened to have scheduled scrubbing the toilet on Wednesday. How could you scrub the toilet on a day that doesn’t exist?

Unfortunately, nobody buys the whole "day never existed" thing, so you still have to squeeze in scrubbing the dang thing on one of the three days that are a reality to you.

For the longest time I thought the only way to accomplish anything was to make trade offs. If I don’t sleep, cut down on showers, and only "sat down" to eat at restaurants – now that there's how to save time!

Then I got smart. I was able to do away with these bogus time saving strategies. After years of trial and error, I found some things that really do save time when it comes to cleaning the house.

Here are some house cleaning tips that will save tons of time in the long run, and it doesn’t involve the use of extra deodorant either!

Some Basic House Cleaning Tips

Funny cartoon of a goose giving a loony bird a long list of house cleaning tips

    Set small, doable goals

    Don't say things to yourself like, "Okay, I'm gonna scrub the whole house, wash all the summer clothes from the attic, hit the produce stand, and plant a rose garden by 3:00" unless, of course, you mean 3:00 January 18th... 2 years from now. Then that might be doable.

    Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment, so don't set yourself up to fail. You'll just end up with a bunch unfinished work and, an added bonus, stress!

    Never let anything get too bad

    "Putting it off" somehow defies physics.

    If you miss one day cleaning up, on day two it should be twice the mess, right? Wrong!

    Messes accumulate faster than a mathematician can calculate them. When you go to clean the mass of mess you wish you could multiply yourself!

    Throw away EVERYTHING!

    Well, make sure it isn't breathing first. And if you don’t need it, toss it.

    Junk mail? Are you going to look at? If the truth is no, then throw it away as soon as it comes in.

    Do you really use all that stuff in the bathroom? How old is that cream?

    You hate that top. Why is it in your closet? One good reason, please.

    Put the kids to work

    This is one of those house cleaning tips that should go without saying, but so many people seem to forget to do it!

    Their help might seem more like Groucho, Chico, and Harpo chipping in, but eventually it will pay off. Not to mention, you're spending time together and it makes the work more fun. Not for you, necessarily, but for them.

    Have laundry day for each member of the family

    This is especially true for the larger family. And let the Marx Brothers wash and fold their own laundry. Just never let company (especially your mother-in-law) in the drawers!

    Meet My best Friend... The Feather Duster!

    This is a house cleaning tip that I only have been utilizing for a couple years. Where have you been all my life, Mr. Feathers?

    If it was good enough for French maids employed by the wealthy, it's good enough for me! Find one that is made with real feathers. You’ll love it! It looks like you haven’t a speck of dust, and it can be done in literally minutes.

    Keep your bathroom sparkly

    If you keep up with it, it shouldn't take more than fifteen minutes to clean.

    Starting the day with a shiny sink, clean towels, and clear, running water will have a positive effect on your morning. Well, not as positive as that first cup of coffee, but still...

    Everything has a place

    So, put things away when you're done. And make sure those other guys do it too.

    Whether it's the junk drawer, the closet, or the trash can, putting things in their place keeps your house looking neater and cleaner (than it actually is sometimes).

    Alternate rooms to clean

    Really clean (sorry, Mr. Feathers) one room each week. You know, soap, water, polish, cobweb pole thingy, cushions, the whole nine yards. Always incorporate your helpers. Thoroughly cleaning one room like this should take under an hour!

How 'bout a couple more Time Saving Tips?

Along with the house cleaning tips, I thought I'd throw in a couple more tips for saving time... and money. Why not? Running a household is tricky business when we're short on time.. and money.

Time and Money Saving Tips

    Grocery shop every two to three weeks

    Shopping every two - three weeks saves time, but it also magically saves money! I don’t know how or why, but it does. Try it.

    Don’t let the Marx Brothers handle the eggs. Do let them help carry and put away the groceries. In a few days when you can’t find the tuna that you know you bought, ask them. They’ll tell you where you put it!

    Don't forget things at the grocery store

    Making "pit stops" at the store eats up time. But also, this "stopping by the store" a couple of times a week is more expensive.

    How 7 items can cost $69.43 when 51 items cost $76.22 is beyond me! It's another question for the mathematicians.

Having order is time saving in and of itself. Not wasting time scrambling around looking for clean clothes, not wasting time worrying about how messy the house is, not cleaning house all day Saturday (a day that doesn’t exist in the busy mom's twilight zone) are some rewards.

The number one house cleaning tip I gave you is to not let it get too bad. It’s hard to clean uphill! But if it's already out of control, don't stress out. You're just going to have to climb one mountain of laundry at a time.

When you get to the top (or should I say the bottom) you’ll enjoy the view!

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