Marriage Is A Funny Thing
Get Some Advice & Some Marriage Humor!

Marriage can be a little funny... as in peculiar! Why not get a little marriage humor along with some solid marriage advice? A spoonful of laughter just might help the medicine go down.

"What medicine," you ask? Well, most of what you’ll read in these marriage articles will focus on our own selves. You won’t find anything titled:

“How to Improve Your Spouse in Sixty Days”

“Make Your Other Half a Better Half”
(although, I kind of like the sound of this one!)

So, with all the requests for self-reflection, it might seem as if we're asking you to take a large dose of Castor oil!

But, Dr. Julia Chicken offers a little humor - that she insists is unintentional. Through snapshots of actual counseling sessions, (used by permission of her clients) we might gain some insight and learn a thing or three about ourselves and our marriage.

You might say, “Hey, give that medicine stuff to my spouse. They’re the sicko!” And, you may be right. But what we do best is make matters worse. It’s in our nature.

If you wanted to take a class on “how to make matters worse”, this is what the syllabus might look like:

Human Nature: Any Matter Can Be Made Worse

  • Making Mole Hills, Mountains, and Artificial Snow
  • Feeding the Fire - Fueling Even a Dwindling Argument
  • Things a Pot Should Call a Kettle - Black is Just the Beginning
  • Basic Tango Steps and Finding a Suitable Partner

Unfortunately, we all know this material so well that if we didn’t just take the class for an easy "A" we could simply "test out" of it.

The truth is, we already know how to do things wrong. We’re born with this innate ability, and as the years go by we perfect it!

So what Dr. Julia and I hope to do here is help you see that you play a major role in whether or not you are happy in your marriage, and at the same time, throw in a little marriage humor.

If you can be open and honest with yourself first, (somebody has to start it!) I believe you will be heading down (or up — to sound more positive) the right path.

Funny marriage cartoon of two clams with Julia Chicken.

What Topics Are Covered in These Articles on Marriage?

  • Marriage Communication — is it just a bunch of talk?
  • Marriage Problems — it all started when they left the lid off the toothpaste...
  • Divorce Prevention – just who added this "’til divorce do us part" bull?
  • Keeping "Love" Alive – I hate to break it to you, but after a while you’re not going to have butterflies in your stomach. But... you don’t want any moths either.

Since you’ve already pulled up a chair, (you are sitting at the computer aren’t you?) enjoy some marriage humor while getting to the bottom of a cup of coffee... and some pretty important issues as well!

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Advice for Marriage with Dr. Julia!

Does your husband snore? Is he a pain in the neck? Is your wife wonderful and you want to know what you could do to show how much you appreciate her? (Come on, Guys. If I don't butter them up, I'll lose them!)

If you'd like a little funny advice for marriage, Dr. Julia's the one to give it. She really does have all the answers. She keeps them in a suitcase under her bed.

Get sound advice and some marriage humor with Dr. Julia Chicken today!

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