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What Do Dreams Mean?

Cartoon with two sheep complaining about working nights. Counting Sheep may put you to sleep, but it keeps them awake!

What do dreams mean? One minute we're flying, the next we're in our house, only it's not our house, with people we know, but they don't look anything like them.

Dreams are weird. They can be scary, funny, exciting, or boring. Sometimes the dream is so good that we wish we never woke up.

The question is, what do dreams mean? Do they mean anything at all?

Obviously, sometimes dreams mean a great deal and can give a little clue to what's going on in our life, like when we're stressed out. But there are times when our dream is simply based on the movie that we watched the night before.

What's really interesting to me, though, is that there are certain dreams that are common among us - dreams that almost everyone has had at one time or another. I'm going to list a few of the most common and tell you what I think they probably mean, but remember, I am no Dr. Julia.

What Dreams Mean

  • Teeth Dreams
    You know, the dream where your teeth are falling out. This particular dream I've had quite a few times. I think it means that our teeth are in bad shape and we know it! We doubt that the dentist can save them and we will soon have to gum all our food.
  • Naked Dreams
    We're at a black tie affair - all the ladies are in the most gorgeous gowns. Everything seems fine. Champagne, caviar... wait a second. Why are we stark naked? It stands to reason that this dream signifies that we feel a tad exposed.
  • Chase Dreams
    This one is too scary to talk about.
  • Flying Dreams
    I think people that fly in their dreams are those that want to do great things. Personally, I'm afraid of flying, so I don't do it whether I'm awake or asleep.
  • Falling Dreams
    Escalators, tall buildings, cliffs of insanity! Oh, we're going down! What are we doing up there in the first place? This is another dream that I've had countless times. I'll bet you that it has to do with insecurity.
  • Test Dreams
    Oh boy, I am one sick puppy. Yes, another dream that I've had from time to time... and I haven't been in school for at least a hundred years. Let's face it - this one is easy to figure out. It has to be anxiety. The fear of failure.

It seems to me that in the case of these most common dreams, the "what do dreams mean?" question is fairly obvious. I mean, it doesn't take a Joseph or a Daniel to interpret them.

But if you're dreaming about losing your teeth, get to the dentist - pronto.

Oooo! I want to know, What Does My Dream Mean?

Cartoon with two sheep that really want an appointment with Dr. Julia. Sheep know what dreams mean!

Dr. Julia is trying her wing at Dream Interpretation! It all started when she Explained My Dream here.
See how Dr. Julia Interpreted these Dreams for our visitors.

If you have a dream that you want answers to, Ask Dr. Julia!

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